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Established in 2011 by Antonio Panozzo, SINTEC is a new enterprise, but with a great technical background and a long experience in the textile machinery field.

In a short time SINTEC has created a series of new finishing machines, with many innovative ideas, many of which are protected by international patents.
After an starting phase of cooperation with some textile machinery manufacturers, SINTEC officially presented itself with its own brand at the ITMA international fair in Milan in 2015.

Thanks to the quality of its machines and to a more and more extended sales network, SINTEC is rapidly establishing itself on worldwide markets.
SINTEC machines are placed and work successfully in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Argentina, Peru, El Salvador, Bolivia, Honduras, Chile, Egypt, Spain, Portugal etc...

The objectives underlying all SINTEC projects are:

The best SINTEC reference? Customers who already use Sintec machines.

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